Brackets? What’s the bracket section?

The Boston Marathon is less than a month away! In time for Marathon Monday and March Madness, Bostondotcom recently created a new category/section called “brackets.” This is a section that appears at the most unexpected and expected times.

This is a section dedicated for its readers because the audience of bostondotcom get to vote on their favorite “sports villian,” which is the theme/topic this month. For the whole month of March and the first week of April, bostondotcom offers a bracket of polls with a long list of nominations that people can vote on. It’s a fun way to interact with the readers.

For those who are interested in voting for the current round, which would be the final four, here’s the whole schedule round-by-round. You can also find the bracket here.

I analyzed the social media presence of bostondotcom in my last post, and I’m surely impressed by this seasonal bracket section that the firm offers. Along with the main article that has the bracket divisions and the instructions to vote, I found that there were several articles that featured some memorable figures who both did and did not make it to the divisions.

To refresh your minds, I previously mentioned that bostondotcom should find a way to increase audience interactivity in his social media handles. I think that by creating and offering a section like this one could definitely increase readership for the site. I was surprised by the amount of people who actually took part in each round so far. The following is one of the results for the first round of 64 that occurred earlier this month.

Although I do think that this section could increase its social media presence, I believe that a section like this will increase readership and user interactivity temporarily. Since this is not a section that is offered frequently, I think that bostondotcom could try to offer this section more frequently. I think that this section has a lot of potential if the newsroom comes up with a variety of ideas, topics, and themes for its readers. It’s also a fun way to interact with people and can sometimes heat up debates between the voters on social media.

Honestly, I never really took part in this seasonal section, so it was pretty surprising to see how many people voted for each round. However, one of the reasons why I may have not discovered this section earlier may have been because of my lack of interest in sports. If the bracket section had a variety of themes and categories, it may receive more attention on its site by people who are interested by the subject presented.

Thanks for reading my blog post this week! Come back for more!

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